The Healer’s Rune

Book One of the Ceryn Roh Saga

Released January 19, 2016 by Brimstone Fiction

In the world of Ceryn Roh, Humanity has been subjugated by the Rüddan, a fey race that dominates the entire world.

Sabine Rhyonselle, a Human healer in the village of Khapor, is tired of her people living as slaves to the Rüddan in everything but name. But the ban on magic use keeps Humanity indebted to the Rüddan, whose superior strength is the only thing that once protected Humanity from annihilation.

At least, that’s what Sabine has always been taught.  When she learns otherwise, she must overcome centuries of prejudice and lies, forge an alliance between two enemy races, and find the location of a powerful talisman in order to break the chains that bind her people to the Rüddan. Along the way, she learns a dangerous secret about herself that could get her killed.

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Praise for The Healer’s Rune

“Matuska combines evocative prose…with darker elements, like the nearby ruins of the Dryht city. Sabine is a superb protagonist, overcoming oppression as a human and more specifically as female; she’s afforded far fewer rights than men. There’s an array of twists, involving everything from individuals’ origins and relations to one another to abilities wielded by characters both good and bad. The ending is bound to leave readers pining for a sequel.Impressive storytelling and assured characterization; sows seeds for books to follow.”

Kirkus Reviews

“With The Healer’s Rune, Lauricia Matuska has crafted a fantasy novel with the proper balance of introspection and action. She handles details with the best of them, and has woven a wonderfully intricate and imaginative story with memorable characters, edgy suspense, and a quest in the grand tradition of Lord of the Rings. The tale Matuska tells is unique, an experience that is at once completely original but with comfortably familiar themes.”

~ Aaron D. Gansky, author of The Hand of Adonai SeriesWrite to Be HeardFirsts in Fiction: First Lines, and The Bargain

“Lauricia Matuska’s debut novel, The Healer’s Rune, is a refreshing and adventurous read, resonating with a power all its own. Everything you want in an epic fantasy is there: compelling characters, clever dialogue, unexpected plot twists and turns, heart-stopping action, supernatural elements, and powerful images as good battles evil. The protagonist, Sabine Rhyonselle, is not banal and dull like heroines you find in so many other fantasies; instead, she is intriguing and gutsy and “real.” I eagerly look forward to book #2!”

~ D.L. Koontz, author of Crossing into the Mystic and Edging through the Darkness


September 2017: ACFW Carol Award Finalist

January 2017 : Christian Books for Tweens and Teens Top 10 Fiction Pics of 2016 – awarded #1 by Glenn Haggerty. “This captivating work best cut across gender and ages and was one of the best of 2016.”

April 2, 2016: The Christian Religious Fiction award of excellence – awarded by David Bergsland, site owner of Reality Calling Christian book review website.