Guardian Prince

Guardian Prince

Book Two of the Ceryn Roh Saga

Released September 24, 2020 by Brimstone Fiction

Sabine Rhyonselle’s world has been turned upside-down. All she once believed true has been proven false, and everything she ever loved has been ripped away.

Now Sabine is on the run. After escaping her Rüddan captors, Sabine finds herself half-way across the world of Ceryn Roh, pursued by the Emissary of the Empress for some reason known only to the Emissary, herself.

Forced to cooperate with a race of fey that she’s been conditioned to hate, Sabine has only one chance to rescue Humanity from certain extinction – she must find an ancient relic of magic power that the whole world is looking for. Can she retrieve it before the Rüddan capture her?

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Praise for Guardian Prince

With The Guardian Prince, Lauricia Matuska delivers another stunningly beautiful adventure, wrought with high-stakes conflict and tender insights into the human condition. Her carefully crafted characters undergo another harrowing journey, and it all plays out believably on the page. The reader at once ceases to be a reader and becomes a participant in this saga.

~ Aaron D. Ganskey, Author of The Hand of Adonai Series; The Bargain; Who is Harrison Sawyer; Heart’s Song; and Firsts in Fiction

The Guardian Prince is a long-awaited sequel that beautifully continues the saga started in The Healer’s Rune. The stakes are higher, the characters more intriguing, and the quests more dangerous–all the things that make a fantastic series! Matuska weaves epic fantasy with theology, building a complex world that you will want to escape to and characters you will love and root for.

~ Avily Jerome, author of The Breeding and The Amulet Saga Series, and former editor of Havok magazine

The second installment in the Ceryn Roh Saga is every bit as captivating as the first. A new world to explore, stakes that start high and climb higher, relationships that grow and change, and characters with increasing depth and complexity, all conveyed in Matuska’s lush, elegant prose. The Guardian Prince will leave readers highly satisfied with the direction Sabine’s journey has taken while simultaneously impatient for the next book!

~ Laurie Lucking, Author of Common

The Guardian Prince enchanted me! Matuska’s beautiful prose and vivid world building are curl-up-with-coffee delicious. I found Sabine’s character refreshingly relatable. The tension between her strength and vulnerability is much more satisfying than the female ninjas who populate most fantasies. I’m ready for Book Three!

~ Heather L.L. FitzGerald, Author of The Tethered World Chronicles

The powerful Christian allegory, captivating heroine, high action, and the promise of romance make this sequel another excellent read.

~ Glenn Haggerty, Author of the Intense Series

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