Am I a Christian Author?

Although I do not aspire to be a Christian writer, specifically, I am a writer who is a Christian, as you can tell by the parts of my worldview that seep into my stories. Yes, they seep. I am constantly surprised to hear the Ceryn Roh saga referred to as a Christian fantasy. I did not specifically design it to be so but, as I tell my students, an author’s worldview will always be found in his or her works. It’s inescapable. When reading my stories, then, you will see that I believe this longing to exist beyond death that we all experience in our deepest beings is given to each of us by a loving God who designed us for something more than just this short, hard life. This life is only the beginning, and what comes next can be good beyond hope.

If you want to know more, contact me. I will not engage in angry rants about what other Christians have done, nor will I endure abusive spewing about what other Christians are doing, but I welcome and look forward to answering your questions about my beliefs and to engaging in a respectful, productive conversation. You can always reach me at Please include “Question from a reader” in the subject line so I don’t confuse your email as spam.

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